4 years later ...

Wow... It's been 4 years and a few months since my last post! Time does fly! No major changes in my life (beside a career change and a couple sommelier courses), I still try to travel, drink and eat yummy things around the world but as you might have heard, right now the Covid-19 pandemic is not helping us wanderlusters...
I've been active in my Instagram account trying to summarize in a few images my travels, style and tastes, but I hope I'll get to share a few things again through this platform. 
A presto!


My Mexi-burger

Long time, no recipe, right? So, here's one of my creations to start the year, and this is all you need:


*CLOSED* Tiramisù DeliShoes, Milan

Tiramisù and shoes, good food and wine, all under the same roof... do I need to say more???
I had been curious about Tiramisù Delishoes since its opening a couple of months ago, and thanks to Zomato we got to try it. What's not to like of a place that has beautiful shoes on display and the first tiramisù bar in the world, where the pastry chef prepares your personalized tiramisù right in front of you?!


Best of 2015

As usual, here are my favorite posts of this 2015 (I know I was a bad blogger, but one of my 2016 resolutions is to keep the blog updated - still so many posts to share about many cool places in Milan, Spain, USA, Mexico, etc.):


Mamai, Milan *Closed*

Remember my post about Alice, the Michelin-star restaurant on the top floor of Eataly Milan? Well, if you liked Alice, then you should also check out its old location, Mamai won't disappoint.