Foodstagram vs. Chefs

In the era of social networks and food blogging, where we are now used to sharing details of our everyday life with online communities like facebook, instagram, foursquare, etc., how would a foodie feel if s/he were told that s/he can't photograph his/her plate in a restaurant?

It is news of these days, both in New York City and Milan, that some chefs are forbidding their clients to take pictures of their food in their restaurants.
What are they afraid of? They say it's because they don't want to disturb the atmosphere of the restaurant with the flashes and that people standing up to take the pictures distract the other clients... c'mon... I've never stood up to take a picture in a restaurant and a flash would be the thing that would bother me less (what bothers me is other clients' loud voices but they don't do anything about it).
Why don't they realize that if a client is taking a picture of their dish it means that they appreciate its appearance, and they could even learn from that, to make their dishes nicer, and (since we're there) their portions a bit bigger...


Kitchen, Milan

Everytime I'm looking for a restaurant to have dinner in Milan the trouble starts. Why? Because although it's Italy - and it's extremely difficult to have a bad meal in Italy - Milan is strange when it comes to dining. People here like fancy decorated restaurants, small but good-looking portions and (especially) high prices. Which are all things I hate, well, not the fancy decorated restaurant part. Anyhow, I prefer the simple trattoria with good, hearthy portions and fair prices, which is hard to find in Milan, the city of fashion and appearance. So when some friends asked us to join them at Kitchen, we didn't know what to expect.


Mikkeler beer

As you might remember from this post, some months ago we tasted a delicious beer with a hint of elderflower in Torvehallerne market in Copenhagen. So this time, it was only a matter of finding the brewery's Vesterbro bar.


Trends 2013

OK, so it's still freezing and the winter sales just started but it's never too early to start thinking about the trends for next season. What are we expecting for Spring 2013? Bright colors, neons and pastels (no shock, we still have something left from last summer, right?), the biggest surprise are the stripes, so we'll be having fun trying to mix them with all those colors - and we'll have even more fun watching how others mismatch them :)

Color Pantone:

Brights & Stripes:

Trends 2013: Brights & Stripes


300 monkeys

Happy New Year to you all!
As you may know, I spent the holiday season in Le Marche and while I was there I was told about the new cool place in the area: 300 monkeys.

I don't know if you are familiar with the term 'silent disco'; well, I wasn't, so it was a complete discovery for me. A silent disco is a club where people dance to music they hear through wireless headphones. There are 2 DJs and the audience can choose between the 2 types of music they play. There's no music or a quieter background music for those with no headphones.