Real Alcazar, Seville

The Real Alcazar is another UNESCO World Heritage site, one of the most beautiful constructions in Seville, Spain and the World.


Triana market & Guadalquivir river, Seville

After the visit to the Cathedral and climb to the top of the Giralda tower, we went for a walk under the summer sun along the Guadalquivir and arrived to the Triana market.


Cathedral of Seville

"Let's build a church so beautiful and big that those who see it will think we're mad"
The impressive Cathedral, with its five naves is the largest Gothic building in Europe and part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites' list.


Hotel Fontecruz, Seville

Nice design touches and excellent views of the Cathedral from the rooftop of this 4-stars hotel in the heart of Seville.


Snapshots (& food) of Cordoba

"Nunca merezcan mis ausentes ojos
Ver tu muro, tus torres y tu río,
Tu llano y sierra, ¡oh patria, oh flor de España!"
- Luis de Góngora, A Córdoba
([if] my absent eyes should never again deserve
 to see your walls, your tower and your river 
your plain and mountains, my homeland, the flower of Spain!)

Cordoba might be considered a small city now, but as we read in this post, it was once the capital of Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain) and the center of its cultural and political life.


Cathedral Mosque, Cordoba

One of the world's most impressive monuments, rich of history and culture.
As much as we wanted to, we couldn't spend the whole day in Cordoba at the Mercado Victoria eating & drinking, so the time came to visit the breathtaking Cathedral Mosque.


Mercado Victoria, Cordoba

"Happy ever after in the market place..."
 The Mercado Victoria is one of those pleasant surprises Cordoba has to offer. Especially for market nuts like myself.