Summer at the Museum: Free entrance to some of Milan's museums

Just a quick note to let you know, in case you're visiting Milan or staying in town this summer, that you can visit some of Milan's most important museums (until September 8) for free.


Getting married in Las Vegas?

You've seen it in countless movies, you love the idea, you hate it, you might think it's cheesy, exagerate or trashy but, honestly, you're curious about what a Vegas wedding really is about.


Downtown Las Vegas

As I was explaining in a previous post, Las Vegas was founded in 1905 as a railroad town and refueling stop between Southern California and Salt Lake City. In those early years, the town was just a few blocks located in the area now known as Downtown, north of the Strip's more modern casinos and hotels.


Viva Las Vegas!

Here are some photos of our trip to Las Vegas. Even if I'm not a gambler, I enjoyed our stay very much; what's not to like about a city full of lights, shops, restaurants, bars, with great weather all-year-round and with copies of many of the world's nicest monuments?!
(P.S.: The fact that I got asked for my ID in the casinos twice because I looked too young to be there helped me love Vegas even more)


Best food in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not only the world capital of gambling and entertainment, it is now one of the best cities in the US for good food.
During my trip, I had the chance to visit some of these restaurants, but only the following 3 made it to my list of the top 3 places to eat in Las Vegas:



Neon Museum

Where do the big Vegas neon signs go when they are replaced or when the casino/hotel closes down?
In case you're wondering about this, you should visit the Neon Museum.


Treasure Island, Las Vegas

TI (or Treasure Island, as everyone still calls it) is a good alternative to Las Vegas' most famous hotels like the Bellagio, Ceasar's Palace and MGM, in a great location.


Peggy Sue's diner & the road to Las Vegas

While driving through the desert from Los Angeles to Las Vegas (about 4 hours), you may want to stop for a good lunch at Peggy Sue's and get soaked into the 1950's atmosphere.