Viva la vida!

Finally! my long-waited holiday week starts now! One full week of relax, enjoying the dolce far niente and eating delicious food, breathing fresh clean air and spending time with my friends, sounds like the perfect holiday, right?
It might also give me some time to enjoy one of my passions: reading. I've been a compulsive reader since I can remember, but in the past year I've just been buying and buying ebooks (yes, I am keeping pace with technology) and I've been avoiding them for some time. I spent the whole last summer working on my thesis (I'll write a post about it soon), I read tons of material, some of it in Danish, which I manage to understand but don't speak, the result was satisfactory but my head was about to explode so I decided to take a break from reading. I enjoy reading in the original language the book was written in, when possible, so these days I'll be reading in Italian about Frida Kahlo, because the book I chose for the summer is called "Viva la Vida" by Pino Cacucci (Italian), a great author who writes mostly about Mexico in a way that not even Mexicans could do it.
If it's true what William Styron said, that "a good book should leave you... slightly exhausted at the end, you live several lives while reading it" then I know I'll definitely be exhausted after this one. Frida's life is one of the most fascinating I've ever heard of, the tough life of a very talented woman, forced to live with continuous health problems and relapses of extreme pain from a terrible accident in her youth. She married the great painter Diego Rivera, the love of her life and had a troubled relationship with him because of their passionate and irritable temperaments; she had many lovers (like him), men and women, Leon Trotsky among them. In my opinion, her paintings reflect her life: painful but full of bright colors and symbols. I know I'll enjoy my reading as much as I enjoy her art.

"Feet, why do I need them if I have wings to fly?" -Frida Kahlo

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