App watch: Foodspotting

Any respectable foodie must have this app, especially a traveling foodie.

Foodspotting is social networking applied to food, its motto is "Food is meant to be shared" and so, instead of recommending restaurants to your contacts, why not share and recommend also the dishes you tasted?
When I'm looking for a new restaurant, I want to know how the dishes look, how big (or ridiculously small) the portions are, especially while traveling to new places where you don't know how the local specialties look like.

Foodspotting was a great discovery and it's so simple to use: you just have to take a photo of your dish, upload it to foodspotting and share it (including hashtags to make it easier to find, like #pasta or #gelato). It is also integrated with Instagram.

So, if you are in a new place or feel like trying a new restaurant, log in to your mobile app (both Android and Apple) and browse the dishes of the restaurants near you, you'll surely find something delicious!
You can follow my findings on Foodspotting at: http://www.foodspotting.com/tfoodie

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