The quest for the perfect swimsuit

Summer is already here and I don't know about you but I'm really looking forward to spending some time at the beach (or even by the pool!) so let the quest for the perfect swimsuit begin!
When I was younger, I never had any issues when looking for a swimsuit but now that the signs of too much eating and no exercise start to show, I think I'll let my bikinis in the drawer and settle for a more covering model...
Since I know I'm not the only one having some issues with swimwear, here's a guide I made:

A) Pear shape: avoid skirted bottoms, they'll make your lower part look bigger. Go for fold-over bottoms to slim your bottom and full coverage tops to compensate the upper part.
B) Flat chest: Avoid bandeau tops, they flatten your chest even more. If you want bandeau you might want to try a ruffled one to add volume. Pair it with a bottom with strings on the sides to improve your hips.
C) Large chest: Avoid triangle bikinis which would only make your chest look bigger. Try instead an underwired halter top with fuller coverage.
D) Tummy: Avoid bulky swimsuits, they'll maker your body look big and shapeless. Go for ruches in the sides to slim your shape, and try a nice plungy neckline to take away attention from your tummy.

And the golden rule: choose a swimsuit in which you feel comfortable!

Enjoy your summer and wear sunscreen!

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