Cupcakes on a rainy day

A new branch of the paradise for cupcake lovers has just opened in downtown Milan!

I've had Vanilla Bakery in my wishlist of places to visit for long now, but since it's a bit far from both home and work, I still haven't had the chance. But then I heard from their Facebook page that they were opening a pop-up corner inside the Boscolo Hotel, so close to my workplace! Obviously I was there on the first day, one of the many rainy ones we've had lately.

The pop-up corner is literally a corner in the stairway hall of this funky hotel (it reminds me of a Russian brothel -which I have never even been to- but this is just me, general opinion is this is one of the coolest hotels in town), and they sell, well, cupcakes, but also donuts and cake pops. The girl selling them is super nice but the only tiny downside in this is that you have to order first, get a ticket from her and the go up to the reception to pay, then go back down and pick up your order - no biggie to climb a couple of stairs, especially after the calories in the cupcakes you'll be chomping, but let's not think about that and enjoy the cupcakes!

 I must say their cupcakes made it to my Milan's Top 3 (in case you were wondering, the other two are Di Viole e Di Liquirizia and Vintage Bakery). The apple and cinnamon is amazing, especially the filling. Definitely coming back for more!

Vanilla Bakery @ Boscolo Hotel
Monday to Saturday 10am - 8pmCorso Matteotti 4/6
20121 Milan

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