Duomo "food court", Milan

Working in Milan's downtown is nice in many ways: the Duomo nearby, the main subway and tram lines, all those shops around you (this is also dangerous), the only thing that sucked was not having a place to have a decent lunch without breaking the bank, until now...

If you're looking at the Duomo, the area on your left side, behind La Rinascente department store and the Galleria is what I like to call the new "Duomo Food Court".
Until a couple of years ago, if you wanted to have lunch for less than 10 euro, you could only go to McDonalds or stand in line for a Luini's panzerotto (which was worth it). But now, many places have opened and the offer has never been better:

The Oldies:

McDonalds: there used to be a McDonalds inside the Galleria, but after it left the space to Prada, McD moved to the ruins of Ciardi, which burned down a couple of years ago, now it's bigger but service is bad, if you can try the Duomo location instead (with full views of the Duomo). - Galleria Ciro Fontana, 3.
the line in front of Luini
Luini: an institution in Milan, rain or shine, you will find Luini by following the queues of students, workers and tourists craving for their famous panzerotti. You can't visit Milan without having a panzerotto here. - Via Santa Radegonda, 16.

Il Cantinone: although I've never been, Il Cantinone offers classic dishes (like risotto or main courses) for a fair price, and I've heard their happy hour is not bad either. - Via Agnello, 19.

Pizzeria Di Gennaro: another one I haven't tried, I've seen it many times while queueing for a panzerotto but never eaten there. Via Santa Radegonda, 14.

G.B. Bar: Love their sandwiches (panini)! Big, delicious ingredients, interesting combinations and super fast service. They have a hall downstairs and some seating space outside if you want to eat there. - Via Hoepli, corner of Via Agnello.

The Newbies:
Spontini's new location
Spontini: the famous pizza place finally opened a downtown branch. Good pizza slices to go. - Via Santa Radegonda, 11.

Musubi: Asian food-to-go made the Italian way, good dumplings, but nothing special. - Via Santa Radegonda corner of Via Ragazzi del 99.

Meat: a steakhouse with average prices. Better than the tourist traps, but nothing really special. - Via Santa Radegonda 11, corner of Via San Raffaele.

Cioccolati Italiani's nice windows
Cioccolati Italiani: Good ice creams and well, chocolate, ideal gelato lunch for hot summer days, but be ready to queue. - Via San Raffaele, 6.

Antica Focacceria San Francesco: The AFSF is a historic restaurant in Palermo, famous for always opposing the sicilian mafia. They opened here a couple of years ago, and while their cannoli are delicious, prices are a bit high (€12 for pasta is too much). I also tried a sicilian specialty here, the pane ca meusa (spleen sandwich), not for my taste, but I guess this is one of the only places in Milan where you can get one. - Via San Paolo, 15.

Juice Bar dehors
Juice Bar: Although it hurts to pay almost 10 euro for a salad, they are actually good, made of super fresh ingredients and hey, we're in Milan's center. They also have fresh juices, fruit, yogurt and other healthy dishes - it's always crowded so be patient. They also have a small corner in the top floor of La Rinascente, but this one is cooler. - Via Hoepli, 3.

Mama Burger: Although I might never visit this place due to my beliefs (the owner is son of a famous politician - haven't they already stolen enough money?) this is another option for those craving a (fake) gourmet burger. - Via Agnello, 18.

Focacceria Ligure: A cheaper option if you want a focaccia, pizza slice or something to eat on the go. - Via San Paolo, 13.
Ravizza's dehors with the queue for G.B. Bar in the back

Ravizza: This historic clothes shop opened a restaurant inside the shop, it looks pretty, but a bit expensive; on the positive side, they have a frozen yogurt bar! (something rare in the gelato country). - Via Hoepli, 3.
Dumpling lady at Jinghua Pasta

Pasta Jinghua: the newest in the block, just opened last week, from the lady making the dumplings in the window, it looks promising. - Via Hoepli, 3. - UPDATE: it looked promising but it's expensive (3 dumplings for 6€?!?!), the dumplings are nothing special and the staff just can't get you out of there soon enough... too bad...

Other spots nearby but not in the map:
Signorvino: Who would have thought that a place right behind the Duomo could offer good food at fair (for the location) prices? Topped with an excellent selection of wines (you can also buy bottles to go, and the prices are not as high as you may think). Booking is compulsory, of course. - Piazza Duomo, corner of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.
Salsamenteria di Parma: A small restaurant selling sandwiches and classic dishes. - Via San Pietro all'Orto, 9.
Obika: a famous restaurant in the top floor's food court of La Rinascente, the specialty here is the mozzarella. A bit expensive but with nice views of the Duomo. - Via Santa Radegonda 1, corner of Piazza Duomo, top floor.
My Sushi: Another one in the Rinascente food court. Try it only if you're desperate to get some sushi, it is not good, crowded and expensive, I warn you. - Via Santa Radegonda 1, corner of Piazza Duomo, top floor.
Vanilla Bakery corner: Remember my post about this sweet paradise inside the Boscolo Hotel? This one is the perfect stop to end your lunch break. - Corso Matteotti, 4/6.

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