Beach holidays must-haves

For those of us trapped in our office's walls, in the sweaty metro cars and the melting asphalt (ok, I'm being a bit dramatic), beach holidays are like a dream - even if, like me, we still don't know where or if we're going to the beach. But since it's a dream, this is what I would bring to this year's beach holidays:
1. Sunscreen - Essential; a different one for the face and another one for the body.
2. Sunglasses - colored lenses are on also this year.
3. One-piece - I've become a fan of one-pieces these past years (my not so in-shape body thanks me), and they are also multi-purpose, you can wear the right one-piece as a top for the evening.
4. Glitter shorts - perfect for the evenings, perhaps with the one-piece.
5. Crop top - I wouldn't dare to wear a crop top but since this is all hypothetical and crop tops are this season's must...
6. Maxi skirt - perfect with flats for the day, with heels for the evening.
7. Glitter clutch - to accessorize with the evening wear.
8. Nail polishes - different colors to match your outfits, paying special attention to toenails.
9. Wedges - perfect for the evening, but also for the day.
10. Flip flops - not the simple flip flops though, get ones with glitter, flowers, studs, or all of them.
11. Flat sandals - for those walks into town.
12. Romper - comfortable for wearing around the resort/apartment/hotel where you're staying.
13. Statement jewelry - the bigger and shinier, the better, but be sure it matches your outfit, one item is enough (so wear only the bracelet, only the necklace or only the big earrings)
14. Beach bag - get a nice big bag where you can carry your sunscreen, magazines/books/ereader, a change of clothes and towel.
15. Bikini - in case you feel more comfortable with a bikini than with a one-piece, if in doubt, bring both!
16. Print cover-up - since I tend to pick one-color swimsuits, I get to play with the prints of the cover up - there are even some online tutorials on how to wear your cover-up in different ways.

Enjoy the summer!!!

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