a weekend in Rimini

A weekend in Rimini, here's how we spent it...

 As a wedding gift from dearest friends, we got a Smartbox for a weekend away and decided to spend it in Rimini, enjoying one of the last weekends of the summer. I'm so glad we did because we had a great time and I got to enjoy a place I had been avoiding since I live in Italy because of its fame of being a party-animals destination. Instead, we found a nice town, with everything we needed: car sharing, delicious food, relaxing beach chalets, etc. A worry-free train ride to avoid the highway queues with Italo (how we miss the Ancona-bound trains!!!) on a Saturday morning and we arrived to our accommodation at Ferretti Beach Hotel. Then off to the beach, where we enjoyed the sun and the fresh breeze.
Then of course, a nice seafood lunch was not to be missed. At Bar Delfino, the beach chalet in front of the hotel, we had some yummy spaghetti allo scoglio and a bottle of chilled local white wine, perfect food, good prices. An after lunch nap, more beach time and then off to dinner at a Rimini insititution: the piadineria.
We picked Dalla Lella one of the oldest and most famous in town. Mrs. Lella and her family bake the piadina (a kind of flour 'tortilla') and fill it with quality ingredients like prosciutto, cheeses, vegetables, bresaola, etc. The place is not fancy at all but the piadinas are delicious and the prices unbeatable.
Sunday morning, visit to the hotel's small spa after breakfast, check-out and then lunch at another piadineria, this time the central and famous Casina del Bosco.
The crowds at this place don't lie, the piadina is great and they have an extensive menu, nice outdoors area and fast service. As their glasses say: "Italians do it better" :)
We were lucky to be in town while the gelato fair was happening in the Fellini park near the piadineria, so we got to taste several of Italy's most delicious gelato flavours... just to end the perfect weekend.
Ferretti Beach Hotel
Viale Regina Elena, 32, Rimini - Tel. +39 0541 381555
Chalet Bar Delfino
Lungomare Murri 34 - Rimini - Tel. +39 0541 390167

Dalla Lella
Viale Rimembranze, 74/A, Rimini - Tel. +39.0541.389460
Via Covignano, 96 - Rimini - Tel. +39.0541.775505

Casina del Bosco
Viale Antonio Beccadelli, 15, Rimini - Tel. +39 0541 56295 (open March-October)

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