Waiting for Expo 2015: how to get to the Expo site

6 days to go!
So, you got your Expo tickets, found out about public transportation tickets and now you're all set to finally visit the Expo site, so here are your options to get to the site:
(image from the official Expo website)

the easiest way from the city center. You just have to get your ticket (remember, one way 2,50€ round trip €5) and head to the nearest metro. There's only one line that arrives to the Expo site and it's the Red Line M1, the final stop is "Rho Fiera" where you'll be getting off (the red line also goes to Bisceglie which is nowhere near the Expo site so have a look at the direction of the train before you get on it).
The red line is linked to the yellow line M3 in Duomo station, to the green line M2 in Cadorna and Loreto stations and to the new lilac line M5 in Lotto station.
Travel time to the expo site is expected to be about 25 minutes from Piazza Duomo. There are ticket booths and visitor services in the access area of the Rho Fiera Milano metro station.
Once at the Rho Fiera stop you should enter the Expo through the Fiorenza Ovest access point, after passing through the Security Plaza. Then you should cross the Expo-Fiera pedestrian footbridge (PEF) to reach the Expo Site entrance.

many trains will also be arriving directly to the Rho Fiera train station, even some high speed ones (like Italo's ajd Tranitalia's trains from Rome, Florence, Naples and Bologna); but also regional and suburban trains from other nearby towns and also from the main Milanese suburban train stations.
The suburban trains S5, S6 and S14 passing through many of the city's 'passante' stations will be stopping at Rho Fiera. But also the regional trains operated by Trenord's line S11 coming from Como will arrive alll the way to Rho Fiera (so those staying in Como, Monza, Seregno and the suburban stations of Greco Pirelli, Porta Garibaldi, Certosa, and Villapizzone can take this one). Other regional trains from nearby cities like Varese and Turin will be stopping at Rho Fiera. For more info, check out the Expo website and maps showing all suburban and regional lines to find out how to reach the Site directly by train.
Expected travel-time is about 19 minutes from Porta Garibaldi train station (where most high-speed, regional and suburban trains stop).

I'm not a driver but according to the Expo website, there will be some parking areas where you can leave your car (prices seem high to me so I would prefer the public transportation options anyway - an eco-friendlier way of arriving to Expo). Anyhow, if you go by car, you can park at the following parking areas: Merlata, Arese, Fiera Milano and Trenno. The Merlata area is just next to the Merlata Sud access point, while the other three are not next to the site so you have to take the free shuttle buses from the parking areas to the nearest access points.
Map of the parking areas - from this website

For more information on how to book parking for both tour buses and cars, as well as charges and times, please visit the DB-Arriva website. Remember that reservations are necessary for the carpark. Book your parking for Expo Milano 2015 by clicking here

if you have lots of money to spend :), or if you are staying nearby the Expo site, taxis will drop you off either at Merlata (Sud) or Roserio (Est) areas which are a short walk to the security areas.

Tour bus
If you're coming with a tour group, the buses will drop visitors at the Merlata parking area or Roserio Terminal. There's a pedestrian walkway from the Merlata parking area to the security checks, the Expo-Fiera footbridge (PEF) and then the Expo Site. The Roserio Terminal is a short distance on foot from the security area, which leads directly onto the Expo Site.

Enjoy your visit!

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