Shambala, Milan

One of the first times I visited Milan, I went on a date to Shambala, a thai-vietnamese fusion restaurant in the southern part of the city.


Milan's Duomo

Spring seems to be finally coming to Milan, days are getting lighter, weather is getting better, shops' windows are displaying bright colors, trees are blossoming and there's just a different feeling in the city.


Photo Challenge!

As you might remember from this post, I decided to participate in a Photo Challenge for the past month. So I had been publishing some photos on my Instagram based on a list given by this blog.
It was fun to have a subject for my photos everyday, and I think I did well because I didn't miss a day (but I must confess not all the photos were taken on the exact day, I had to use a couple of pics from my archive). You can see my favorites in the collage above (for the full collection, visit my Instagram profile: http://instagram.com/simarik3).
Anyhow, since it was fun, I have decided to participate in the March challenge as well! Here is the list, in case you want to do the same:

Don't forget to tag the photos with #fmsphotoaday ! Enjoy!