Bar Estrella, Seville

A nice discovery in the alleys of Seville.


Hotel Fontecruz, Seville

Nice design touches and excellent views of the Cathedral from the rooftop of this 4-stars hotel in the heart of Seville.


Medina Al Azahara, Cordoba and the road to Seville

A visit to the ruins of the palace-city built by Caliph Rahman III in the outskirts of Cordoba. 


Snapshots (& food) of Cordoba

"Nunca merezcan mis ausentes ojos
Ver tu muro, tus torres y tu río,
Tu llano y sierra, ¡oh patria, oh flor de España!"
- Luis de Góngora, A Córdoba
([if] my absent eyes should never again deserve
 to see your walls, your tower and your river 
your plain and mountains, my homeland, the flower of Spain!)

Cordoba might be considered a small city now, but as we read in this post, it was once the capital of Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain) and the center of its cultural and political life.


Cathedral Mosque, Cordoba

One of the world's most impressive monuments, rich of history and culture.
As much as we wanted to, we couldn't spend the whole day in Cordoba at the Mercado Victoria eating & drinking, so the time came to visit the breathtaking Cathedral Mosque.


Mercado Victoria, Cordoba

"Happy ever after in the market place..."
 The Mercado Victoria is one of those pleasant surprises Cordoba has to offer. Especially for market nuts like myself.


Eurostars Palace, Cordoba

Modern and comfortable hotel in Cordoba, just minutes away from the breathtaking Mosque-Cathedral.



Snapshots of Hong Kong

For the final post of my trip to Hong Kong, here's a series of snapshots of this amazing city


Wong Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong

A colorful temple for 3 religions in Hong Kong.
The Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple is home to Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism but it's mostly famous because it "makes every wish come true upon request".