Waiting for Expo 2015: how to get to the Expo site

6 days to go!
So, you got your Expo tickets, found out about public transportation tickets and now you're all set to finally visit the Expo site, so here are your options to get to the site:
(image from the official Expo website)


Waiting for Expo 2015: Types of tickets

Hi again! -8 days to Expo! we're getting excited! (and also a bit nervous about the completion of the pavilions, but hopefully they'll make it on time - or a week later...)
So, which ticket should you get?
Here's the deal:
image from the Expo official website


Waiting for Expo 2015: how to move around Milan?

So, you made it to Milan and you also made it to your accommodation - thanks to my post? :)
Now, let's see... you want to go to the Expo site (since you came for that), you want to visit the wonderful Duomo, Leonardo's exhibit, the Last Supper, party in Navigli and just wander around the city... So here are some tips on how to use the public transportation, car sharing, bike sharing and other ways to move around the city:


Waiting for Expo 2015: Welcome to Milan!

Hello everyone! sorry for my lack of posting lately, I've been a bad blogger. But now I'm back with a new series of posts that will (hopefully) be useful for many of those visiting Milan for the coming Expo, starting May 1st.