Snapshots of Düsseldorf

if you remember my last year's trip to Cologne then you remember my discovery of Kölsch bier, the fresh and drinkable beer typical from Cologne. Well, there's a bit of rivalry between Cologne and Düsseldorf to see who has the best beer and, please D'dorfers, don't be mad at me, but as a girl, not-beer drinker, I prefer Cologne's kölsch... Altbier, the beer from Düsseldorf is a bit too strong for my uneducated beer taste (hey, I warned you, you know I love the girly Belgian cherry beer), but that didn't stop me from tasting the Frankenheimer Alt, which is sold at the characteristic Zum Schiffchen brewery and the Schlussen Alt, served at Zum Schlussen brewery, both in the Altstadt.

As you may have read, Düsseldorf is also called the largest bar in the world because of its hundreds of bars. Well, I might be getting old but it's such a mess! I wasn't expecting this mass of beer drinkers all over the old town! I didn't enjoy the over-crowded breweries, but I did enjoy the hearty, big portions of the food (German breweries are the only places that succeed in making me leave something on my plate) and the market we found on the Rhein promenade.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of Dusseldorf, its Media harbor new buildings (some by Frank Gehry, my architect crush), monuments and the beautiful views we enjoyed. Can't wait to go back!

Gehry buidings in Media Harbor (Rhein tower in the back)
Media Harbor
My favorite
Love the forms
Traditional buildings facing the Rhein
Rhein promenade
in case the dogs get thirsty :)
Seems like a Pöggeler statue, right?
lovely to find Leopardi's quotes here
D'dorf's town hall
Cartwheelers' Fountain
The river Düssel, which gave the city its name
City Monument

Königsallee or "Kö", the shopping street

Düsseldorf skyline

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