Statue-hunting in Düsseldorf

When I was doing some research for our weekend in Düsseldorf, I read about Christoph Pöggeler's 'Pillar Saints', 9 sculptures spread accross the city that represent people from different groups of society removed from their daily routine and put on a pedestal, displayed as individuals. At first I didn't pay too much attention to them but when I tried to find a website in English showing their exact location and couldn't, then I thought (as Barney Stinson would say): "Challenge accepted!". And so the hunt began, which we'll call "Project Pöggeler".

Keep in mind that we were in Düsseldorf for only 32 hours and during that time we also had to visit other sights that I'll write about later, enjoy the local beer (altbier) and food (sausages, pork knuckle, etc.), do some window shopping, sleep and relax in our hotel's spa. And, if you keep in mind that the weather was not the best -pouring rain-, and one of the statues had been moved, it really seemed like an important achievement to make it, and we did!
Project Pöggeler started by pure luck while we were on the U-bahn 78 train to our hotel. Looking through the window at the stop 'Messe Ost' I saw the first one, the Tourist:

The Tourist

After the Tourist we took the U-bahn to the central train station (Düsseldorf Hbf), just outside the station there's the Photographer:
The Photographer

The Photographer under the rain

Then we took the U-bahn to Oststrasse (1 stop) and walked a couple of blocks north on Ostrasse to find the Father and Son:
Father and Son
After a Japanese lunch on the corner oposite to the Father and Son we took the U-bahn to the Old town or Altstadt (stop: Heinrich Heine/Altstadt) to find another 3 pillars. On Burgplatz we saw the Couple 1 (holding hands):
Couple 1

a few steps north, behind the Castle tower there's the Mother and Son:
Mother and Son

walking south on the Rhein promenade and turning left on Schulstrasse, on the corner of Citadellstrasse we found the Bride (perhaps it needs some cleaning):

Then we kept walking south through Berger Allee, where we were supposed to find the Couple 2, at the corner of Horionplatz, but this is what we found instead:

I was not gonna let this stop me so I did some internet research in my limited German and found a nice blog post that said it was moved not far from the original spot, so we walked to the corner of Postrasse and Haroldstrasse and there we found the Couple 2 (kissing), one of my favorites:
Couple 2

A short walk south (or an even shorter busride -bus 726-) to the foot of the Rhein tower, more precisely on Stromstrasse, making a nice photo op with the tower, there's the Marlis:
The Marlis
After a walk through the Media Harbor stopping to see the new modern architecture buildings, we walked back to the center by the Rhein promenade and under the Oberkasseler bridge to the Tonhalle concert hall, there we found our last pillar saint, the Businessman:
The Businessman
So, mission accomplished!
Here's a map of Dusseldorf with the exact spots of "Project Pöggeler":

View Project Pöggeler in a larger map

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