Noodles in Milan!

Since my Erasmus period in Copenhagen, I had been longing for one of my favorite student meals: the China Box. You know, the box filled with greasy noodles and chicken or pork you get from the take away places that you can eat on the go or just stop in one of the many nice spots Copenhagen has for people watching.
Well, since we are in Italy and we all know how much Italians value the time to seat down in a table with a tablecloth to have a decent meal, I had given up the idea of having a Pad Thai on the go... Until now.

It was a pleasant surprise to discover  Italian Noodles. They are a tiny restaurant in Via Vigevano (Navigli area) that just opened, they focus on wok-prepared noodle dishes with an Italian touch: quality ingredients, healthy recipes and nice graphic design. You can eat there or get them to go.
The menu has different kinds of dishes (noodles and meat/chicken/fish dishes like pad Thai, ramen-style soups, even sushi) or, if you're feeling creative, you can pick your own ingredients from the list.

We shared the ramen and the pad Thai this time. As you might recall, about a month ago we were in Düsseldorf having the best ramen of my life so I was not expecting miracles here. Of course this ramen was a bit 'italianized' but it doesn't mean it's bad, the noodles were actually delicious, and the soup was also good. But the Pad Thai got me at the first bite (be ready to eat with sticks). Their pad Thai has chicken, shrimps, noodles, soy sprouts and crushed peanuts. And they are generous with the quantities of the ingredients, so you don't risk getting to the bottom of your dish with only rinsed noodles (like in a horrible place I won't name - let's just say there's one in Milan's central station), instead you get a generous portion with lots of sauce, shrimp and chicken and a beer for around 10 euro.

They have around 15 seats so don't expect to go there with your classmates and hang out for 2 hours, leave space to others as soon as you're finished, and don't forget to throw your biodegradable dishes in the right cans (yes, they're also eco-friendly!).
They should get the delivery service going soon, until then, pay them a visit to see if you'll be ordering/getting boxes to go, I know I will!

Italian Noodles
Via Vigevano, 33, Milan
Tel. +39 02 8707 0029
FB page: www.facebook.com/pages/Noodles/409770915757081

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