Sitcom nut

Sorry I haven't been posting lately but I promise I'll be back with more interesting contents soon.
In the meantime, let me share with you one of my passions, sitcoms. It all started in my teenage years with Beverly Hills 90210 and then Dawson's Creek and Friends, as a way of learning English by watching the original versions with subtitles and it worked!
So here are my favorite 2012/2013 sitcoms:
Returning shows:
- How I met your mother - this one has filled the void left by Friends, the story of how this guy met his wife and all his adventures with his group of friends in NYC are among my favorites. Not to mention that I love Neil Patrick Harris.
- The Big Bang Theory - the nerdy physicists and the hot neighbor have been my favorite since the begining. How can you not love Sheldon?!
- Modern Family - love the way this sitcom is made, and I love Phil Dunphy!
- 2 broke girls - they're so politically incorrect!
- Whitney - it's kinda funny but I'm not sure if I'll be watching the full second season
- Up all night - I love Christina Applegate
- Gossip Girl - OK; I must confess I watch this one, but I only watch it because of the amazing clothes.
- NCIS - an all-time favorite
- Criminal Minds - although they have sometimes sickening plots, I love the show and how they have never spoiled it by getting the main characters romantically involved.
New shows:
- Go On - I love Matthew Perry and although this show is supposed to be sad, it's funny in a nice way.
- Partners - I confess I mostly watch this one because of Brandon Routh (Superman) :)
- Elementary - Being a Sherlock Holmes fan, I cannot help but love this one, Sherlock Holmes in modern times in NYC, and Watson is a girl (Lucy Liu)!
- Last Resort - So far I like this sitcom about the crew of the submarine stuck in an island but I don't know if I'll be watching for long without knowing what happened, I was not a Lost fan!

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