Shambala, Milan

One of the first times I visited Milan, I went on a date to Shambala, a thai-vietnamese fusion restaurant in the southern part of the city.

The place was amazing, low lights, inciense, candles and a bamboo garden, the food was delicious, mainly fresh seafood with exotic hints like mango and tamarind, the prices were a bit high but mainly I had a great evening.

It's been years since that happened so I decided to see if everything was as I remembered and went there a couple of nights ago. The place is still as beautiful as I remembered, kind staff and wonderful atmosphere.
I found a coupon for an aperitif with some starters and a drink and decided to start from there. There were 5 appetizers in each plate: crab rolls, salmon sashimi, vietnamese sushi (with fruits and vegetables), chicken bundled in pandanus leaves, curry marinated chicken skewers and the most delicious tuna sashimi with tamarind sauce. I had a drink called Hindoo made with vodka, mint leaves, and green tea and a glass of Vermentino wine. The portions were not very big, being just starters  but they were delicious so we decided to order another dish from the menu. Since the tuna sashimi was amazing we ordered the full portion (with the tamarind sauce) and the seared tuna with black pepper and avocado salad. Both the normal portions were enough, not too small, not too big and they were perfect in taste and presentation. Too bad the lights were too dim to take good pictures (I don't like to use flash in restaurants, I don't want to be that kind of annoying food blogger) but here are some that I got from their website and a couple I took myself (no need to tell you which ones are mine):

Starters cost between 10 and 22 euros while main dishes go from 17 to 22 euros. Drinks (cocktails or wine by the glass) from 6 euros. By Milan's prices Shambala's aren't really that high, considering the creativity and good quality of their dishes and the atmosphere. The place is perfect for romantic dinners, business and even for medium groups since it is spacious; during the warm season (which we are still expecting) you can dine in the garden.

Shambala is open from Monday to Saturday from 19.30 to 02.00
They have outside parking and are pet friendly.
For bookings: call +39 02 5520194 (from 16.00)
Via Ripamonti, 337
20141 Milan

*most photos are taken from Shambala's website, as stated in the watermark

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