Wine tasting in South Tyrol - Day 2

Nothing better than waking up in the green hills of South Tyrol and going to one of your favorite wineries...


An old favorite of ours, we knew what to expect from Colterenzio's wines, their Sauvignon Blanc called Lafoa is the best, while its Pinot Noir Villa Nigra Cornell is a tough one, but while we were there we also tasted the other low priced lines and enjoyed all of them, in some cases the quality and tastiness was very close to the top-class Lafoa and Villa Nigra.

Strada del Vino 8
Saturday 9 - 12.30

One of the memories from our last trip was the incredibly fragrant Gewürztraminer Flora from Girlan winery. Well, this year it's even better, all its whites are something special, even the lower priced lines are amazing. Their Pinot Noir Riserva Trattmann is the best red. Don't forget to try the sweet wines, the Gewürztraminer Passito is great.

Via S. Martino 24
Saturday 9 - 12.30

A new winery for us. Good wines (nothing as amazing as Girlan's whites) and reasonable prices. Brought home some Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc from the top line.
No picture, sorry, we were on a hurry!

Via Madonna del riposo 3 
S. Michele Appiano (BZ) 
Saturday 9 - 12

It is so nice to go inside a wine shop you went to 2 years before and see that the guy there still remembers us! Anyhow, Ritterhof was a pleasant surprise in our first visit to the area, we appreciated their base line wines, especially the Pinot Noir Janssen. This time we got to taste their new "happy-hour" wine, Lenz, which is a particularily fragrant blend, no frills, just a good wine to drink before dinner. We also had some Gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir from the top line Crescendo which are very good.

Strada del Vino, 1 
Saturday 9,30 - 13

St. Pauls
Just when we were ready to call it off for the day, we passed by St.Pauls, and we are glad we did. We tasted everything they had, from the whites to the reds and loved everything. The top line Passion is special, but also the base lines are worth it. And the prices are good.

21 Via Castel Guardia, S. Paolo Appiano -
Tel. 0471/662183 -
fri 9-19 sat 9-18

Kellerei Kaltern
Just passed by this huge wine shop to get a special Passito of Moscato. Good thing they're open also on Sundays!

Via Stazione, 7 - Caldaro. 
Fri-sat 9–19, sun 10–18

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