Copenhagen Street Food

You know I love all things Danish: design, food, beer, mentality, etc. So when I heard about this place selling all kinds of street food, I knew I had to visit and I was sure I was going to love it but, there were a couple of hiccups that made it less great for me.
Facts first: Copenhagen Street Food is located in the Papirøen, or "paper island", an island on Copenhagen's main canal, next to the new (and beautiful) opera house, as its name says, it was initially used to store paper, but has now become the new home of street food in town.
The idea is great: a huge warehouse, with containers and stalls, all decorated by the entrepreneurs selected through the criteria of "genuinity, honesty and aesthetics", which means that the food is good quality, sustainable and made from scratch.

So, along the warehouse you find containers, food trucks, shacks and stalls selling everything from thai food, tacos, burgers, veggie food, turkish mezes, to wine, beer and coffee.

All these things can be eaten there, inside the warehouse in the seating areas or outside, in a nice open air place overlooking the city and the opera. You can even grab a sunchair and enjoy your beer while watching the canal tour boats pass by.
But now, let's see the hiccups... First of all, we don't have to forget one of the main features of the "street food", that is, it has to be cheap, even if we are in Denmark and things here are not so cheap. A hot dog for 40 dkk is not cheap and is not enough for a meal, so be ready to spend more - although they are very good, the spicy one especially.

Second of all, the honesty part... we had a little incident with the tacos guy. I was so excited to taste some tacos but when we got there, there was nobody in the van and there was a sign saying that they were out of tacos (how can you be out of tacos at noon if you open at noon?) but there were going to be more by 1 pm. So we waited and at 1.05 pm we were there, but the guy just arrived saying that he had been "sick" and went to the doctor so he was not going to be able to make tacos until 2 pm... weird... so we though we'd better get something else, and after a tour of the warehouse we were surprised to find our very "sick" pal behind the burger container joyfully enjoying a burger (if you have ever been hungover you understand this kind of joy)... there's your honesty! Anyhow, after seeing that joyful face we had a burger ourselves and it was good - perhaps it would have been better if we had been "sick"... After a while, the sign on the taco truck said tacos were going to be ready after 3 pm... looks like they don't need the business anymore, and again at 85 dkk for 3 tacos, they aren't cheap at all.

So after all the great expectations, I enjoyed our visit but these 2 aspects kind of lowered my rating of the place. I will definitely be back, but I'll skip the tacos and focus on the other stuff, like the thai place that looked good (bring cash because the thai place doesn't take credit cards), and especially, I'll try to catch a sunny day so I can have my drink outside and enjoy the view of the other Danish thing I love most: Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Street Food
Trangravsvej 14
Papirøen (Warehouses 7 & 8)
1436 Copenhagen
Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday from 10.00 (food stalls 12.00) to 00.00 and Sunday from 10.00 (food stalls 12.00) to 22.00
To get there:
- Havnebus 993 (bus boat) from the end of Nyhavn to Papiroen
- Bus 9A + 3 min. walk

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