Mangiari di Strada, Milan

After a bad experience with street food in Milan (keep reading if you want to know), we finally tried Mangiari di Strada and were not disappointed!

Last month, I discovered there was a food truck in Milan (yes, a food truck! yes, in Milan!) that served tacos (yes, tacos!) using the same system as most food trucks in the US - that is comunicating their location on the same day through Facebook or Twitter - so I found out their nearest location and went there read to get my hands on some yummy carnitas tacos... but then when I got there I was shocked by their concept of "street food": first of all, they were parked in the dehors of a hotel; then they had a waiter from the hotel coming to take your order (???), bringing the food in ceramic plates (???) and the order of 3 tacos costed 18 euros (whaattt?!?!?!) I left immediately, too depressed to eat - that's not true, I went to the Magnum pleasure store to cure my pain with a yummy white chocolate Magnum ;)
Still, I had already made my mind that there wasn't real street food in Milan (forget about the tacos), until we took the longest tramway ride of our lives on a Saturday morning to Mangiari di Strada!

So, Mangiari di Strada is this cool Italian street food temple in the Southern outskirts of Milan (nothing to see in the area but safe). When you enter you'll see the options written down in papers everywhere around the counters: from tripe, to sandwiches, tongue, cold cuts... all kinds of street food from all Italian regions.

The system is simple: you order at the counters, pay and wait for your food to be ready to be picked up.

The place has lots of seating space, both inside and in the backyard (there's even a grill here) in the summer months. Food keeps coming out and staff is nice enough to explain the dishes and suggest wine pairings or specials.

We had the trippa di pecora con catalogna ed erbette (sheep tripe with chicory and herbs €10,50), coratella d'agnello con uova e scarola (lamb interiors with egg and escarole €13,50), the lampredotto sandwich (cow tripe €6,50, typical Florentine) and the meatballs with mashed potatoes (€5,50 smaller portion), all delicious, especially the tripe and the lamb - the meatballs were a bit meh, but still good. And portions were just fine.

Adding 2 glasses of wine and 2 Chartreuse Verts digestifs, our total was of about 50 euro (5 euro each Chatreuse Vert, though). A bit expensive considering it is after all street food but the quality is excellent and it's great to find all these varieties in just one place... too bad it's too far away from home and they are only open for lunch, but we'll defnitely be back!

They're opening a biologic butcher shop (with a small kitchen) in the Navigli area these days in the newly refurbished Darsena market, an interesting project that we'll be tasting soon - probably after the opening in October. - see article in Italian

Mangiari di Strada
Via Lorenteggio, 269, 20152 Milano
Tel. +39 02 415 0556
Monday to Saturday from 12.00 to 15.00
Mangiari di Strada Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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