Borkonyha Wine Kitchen, Budapest

I already knew there was good food in Budapest, but we were pleasantly surprised it turned out to be really good, I mean, Michelin-star good, so of course a visit to the recently awarded Borkonyha Wine Kitchen was mandatory.

Borkonyha is a restaurant that has that cozy bistro atmosphere, just steps from the beautiful Saint Stephen's Basilica, some nice seating space outside and pleasant, unpretentious decor inside. The menu focuses on modern Hungarian cuisine, but nothing too extravagant, just fine dining style, classics like Mangalica pork, confit duck leg, rabbit or fish, but with a touch of creativity. It is not an extensive menu, but it's been carefully selected and together with the day's specials, it has something for everyone.
 Portions are surprisingly hearty, you know, you always expect big plates and tiny portions from Michelin restaurants, but not here. Besides, the quality and pairing of the ingredients is something that's also carefully selected, and you can tell: the pork is super tender and everything else is flavorful, fresh, well balanced and mixed to create special dishes without going too crazy on contrasts and extravagances.
  Staff was very nice, advising on wine pairings, specials of the day, which I strongly reccomend before making any choices. And don't forget to have at least a bite of their homemade bread. We had the pork (cheek was yummy) with pumpkin cream and beans and the tenderloin from the specials and they were both exquisite. 
Having dessert just to have an excuse to drink some Tokaji is one of those nice traditions we embraced in this trip, and it didn't disappoint here either.
Prices are not extremely high considering the quality, portions and recently awarded Michelin star, our total for 2 main courses, 2 glasses of wine, 1 dessert and 2 glasses of Tokaji was of about 20000 HUF (around 70 euros). Sure, not the cheapest but OK for a special ocasion.
 The wine list is extensive, as you might expect, first of all because it's called Wine Kitchen but also because it's Budapest and they take wine seriously there. I had a glass of Kadarka from Szekszard, one of Hungary's most popular reds which I liked after having tasted it at Cultivini.
This is really an excellent choice if you're not feeling too adventurous to try the so-called fusion cuisine but just want a high-quality fine dining experience.
Since the restaurant is very popular due to its delicious food, location and of course, the Michelin star, you should book in advance (e-mail or phone).

Borkonyha Wine Kitchen
Sas utca 3
H-1051 Budapest
Tel.+36 1 266 0835


Opening times:
Monday-Saturday: 12-24 (kitchen open 12-16 / 18-23.30)
Sunday and Holidays Closed

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