Szimpla Kert, Budapest

Why is Szimpla Kert one of the coolest bars we've ever been to? Keep reading and watch the photos!

"What is a ruin pub?" was my first question when I found this term while searching for bars in the 7th district (or Jewish quarter) in Budapest. And that's how I found out about Szimpla Kert.
A ruin pub is a bar located in a formerly abandoned buiding, it mostly maintains the abandoned look and therefore it looks like it's in ruins.
Szimpla Kert has been open since 2001 (athough since 2004 at the present address) and it's one of the biggest and most famous ruin pubs in town with lots of seating space both indoors and outdoors and an amazing display of weird objects and decor.
 The decor is shabby but if you look carefully, everything has been carefully placed to look like ruins, and there is a logic to every space of the place, although sometimes we can't see it.
You will see some very original seating options and the general atmosphere will be super relaxed (hipsters might love it, but don't believe you're the first one to spot it, I saw several tourists outside reading about it in their guidebooks)
 Besides food and drinks, they have space for exhibits and fairs, music, open air cinema, farmers market, a smoothies and juice bar and even a shisha shop!
 We were there on a Saturday at lunch time and felt like having an early drink (no judging, please :)) and we thought we should try the national liquor, the Palinka... we should have known by the face of the waiter that it was too early to drink palinka... wow, it was strong! Anyhow, they have lots of varieties of palinka, but if you dont want to get drunk with palinka at 1 pm (like us), there are also juices and smoothies and of course beer and wine.
 Checking their website is the best way to find out what's on everyday and we really think you should check it out.

Szimpla Kert
Kazinczy utca 14, 1075 Budapest
Tel. +36 20 261 8669
Open daily from 12.00 pm to 3.00 am

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