Castelraimondo, my kind of town!

These days there's a big celebration going on: the 700th anniversary of Castelraimondo! Doesn't sound like a place you may know but this 4800-and-something inhabitants town in Le Marche in the centre of Italy was my home for almost 7 years and I still miss it.


These days there's a big thing going on for it's 700th anniversary: all restaurants and take aways in town are offering a special medieval menu from those days, people in shops are dressed in medieval costumes and there are lots of events to attend. More info on the events can be found in the official website of the event.
Castelraimondo enlightened for the 150th anniversary of Italy
 I was there last weekend and could attend an event I have been waiting for more than 10 years; see, when I arrived to Castelraimondo's train station in 2000, the first thing I saw was this big tower (called Il Cassero) all covered up because of some rebuilding going on (I later got the explanation that there had been an earthquake three years before and they were rebuilding many parts of the town), so I couldn't see much of it for some time, until it was rebuilt. So for the 700th anniversary the local authorities decided to open the tower to the public. There's not much to see inside since it was a tower used in war times to surveil the area (Castelraimondo was born as a surveillance point due to its strategic position between the neighboring towns of Camerino, Matelica and San Severino) but the view from the top is great! (a bit difficult to climb if you are afraid of heights, like me, but it was worth it).

Happy 700th birthday Castelraimondo!
the old town of Castelraimondo

north part of Castelraimondo
inside the Cassero

If you happen to be in the area:
Where to stay: Villa Casabianca 1573 is a beautiful country house with great landscapes and a relaxing pool.
Villa Casabianca 1573
Where to eat: Tre Stelle is a small and cozy restaurant just in front of the Cassero and the train station, they serve both regional and Italian dishes. And if you are in the mood for coffee or an ice cream while wandering around town, don't miss the Gelateria Centrale (Corso Italia 21), best gelato you will ever taste!

the creamiest hazelnut gelato!

After a while you will realize you still have some time left, what to do? Relax, enjoy the fresh air, the delicious food and ice cream and the dolce far niente in this special corner of Italy!

And if you liked this preview of Castelraimondo, why not consider a study holiday here? There is a great languange and culture center there called Edulingua, there's no better way to learn Italian!

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