Waiting for the soul...

Don't you worry, I haven't become a buddhist and this is not a post about the transmigration of the soul. It's just about this theory of mine that when you travel, your soul doesn't travel back home with you but stays for a couple of more days in the place you traveled to and then slowly comes back to you. No, I'm not under medication or drugs, it's just that I've noticed this when we go home to the many places we call home. As soon as I jump on the plane/car I become this numb person and I keep being numb until some days have passed and I'm back in normal mode. It's hard to get back to real life after holidays spent with your loved ones; in Italy they have a name for this condition of depression that comes after the trip, when you start over with your routine: Sindrome da Rientro (return syndrome, or something like that). It's not the same as when you come back from a trip on a foreign new country, that's more of a post-holiday syndrome, this one I'm talking about is when you don't feel like yourself anymore (that's why I say the soul is missing) and you even question why are you somewhere else, not many things cheer you up... I've autodiagnosed myself with it many times and right now my soul might be on its way but it hasn't arrived to Milan yet, fashionably late :)
The cure for this condition? A couple of days to wait for your soul to make it back, good food, good wine and the one person who makes you remember why it's all worth it! :)