300 monkeys

Happy New Year to you all!
As you may know, I spent the holiday season in Le Marche and while I was there I was told about the new cool place in the area: 300 monkeys.

I don't know if you are familiar with the term 'silent disco'; well, I wasn't, so it was a complete discovery for me. A silent disco is a club where people dance to music they hear through wireless headphones. There are 2 DJs and the audience can choose between the 2 types of music they play. There's no music or a quieter background music for those with no headphones.

300 monkeys just opened less than 2 months ago and it is the first silent disco in Italy, it's located in Le Marche, between Camerino and Castelraimondo (in a fraction called Torre del Parco) in a beautiful location, an old tower from many centuries ago that was used as a grain mill and for storage. The tower complex has been fully restored and it's now a beautiful setting for any event.
The ground floor hosts the disco, people enter and get their headphones (the entrance fee is around 15 euro which entitles you to a free drink and the use of the headphones for the evening), then you just have to choose the music you like among the 2 DJs, you can switch channels anytime you want to. There are about 4 different rooms where you can sit, dance or talk (there's a background music which allows you to easily chat without headphones) and a bar that serves the best cocktails.
dancing with headphones - from 300 monkeys FB page

main dancefloor
some original structure details were kept
details in one of the rooms
main dancefloor - from 300 monkeys FB page

As Renzo (one of the owners) explained, the headphones range is 200 meters so you can go around the whole complex (they're planning a nice open-air disco for the summer) and, in case you're interested in getting this technology for your bar or club, they hold the franchise for them (http://www.captum.it/).
Since the complex is a multifunctional environment, there are plenty of ideas in their minds: a restaurant open from the early morning til the evening, bedrooms in the tower, open-air events, etc.

They are open from Thursday to Sunday for pre-dinner drinks with buffet and disco until 5 am. (Sunday only for pre-dinner and drinks until 11 pm.). They have already come out with very nice ideas like the body art evenings where body artists painted those who wanted to, or the disco-bus which safely brings people from the main cities in the region back home.
body art event - from 300 monkeys FB page
When I first heard of it I thought it was a place for teenagers but according to Renzo, their audience is mostly over 25. We spent a pleasant evening there and the delicious passion fruit mojitos preprared by the Finnish bartender were a plus. Can't wait to go back!

delicious drinks

300 monkeys
Torre del Parco, 62032 Camerino (MC)
Tel. +39 340 698 7898
E-mail: booking@300monkeys.com, info@300monkeys.com
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/300-Monkeys/296107843827209

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