Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport

In my younger years, while traveling, I had no trouble sleeping in airports, train stations, etc. but now I definitely feel the need of a comfortable bed and Sheraton Malpensa Airport turned out to be the perfect choice for a night stay before an early flight.

Since I'm not particularly eager to wake up at 4 am, and less eager to rely on Italian transportation (taxis to Malpensa airport are too expensive, trains and buses are often delayed), we decided to stay for the night at the airport's Sheraton. We got a good price on booking.com of one night at around 100 euros (extra cost for breakfast). Of course there are other cheaper options in the airport area but what we loved about the Sheraton was that there's no need of a shuttle to/from the airport because it is inside the airport.

Rooms are spacious and comfortable, overlooking the terminal, you get a couple of bottles of water complimentary, and if you want to swim, they have a nice pool (bring your swimsuit and a cap - there's also a spa that you can use for extra €10). The place seems to be filled with airline crews but there's a silent atmosphere in the corridors and excellent sound-proofing in the rooms (you won't notice you're next to the airport). We didn't try the restaurant or the bar and the only negative thing was he extra cost for the wi-fi but besides that, it was a perfect stay before our flight. It's just a 5 minute walk (incluidng an elevator ride) from the hotel's lobby to the terminal 1 check-in counters!

Sheraton Milan Malpensa
Aeroporto Malpensa 2000, Terminal 1,
 21010 Ferno - VA - Italy
Tel. 02 23351

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