99 Bonham, Hong Kong

Serviced apartments like the ones of the Boutique Hotel 99 Bonham are a valid alternative to a hotel in Hong Kong.
When we were picking our accommodation in HK, we were a bit surprised of how high the prices were (4 or 5 star hotels in central areas), so we had to set a budget for that and also decide which area we wanted to stay at. Finding a 4-star or up hotel for under 160 euros/night in a central area that we actually liked wasn't easy.
Picking an area in some cities may limit you to eat and wander around it more than other areas if you don't enjoy public transportation, cabs or long traveling times, so I figured that HK might be like that mainly because there's Victoria Harbour between Kowloon and HK Island but after reading on some forums where everybody said that in HK it didn't matter whether you stayed at one side or the other, I picked Sheung Wan and its lively atmosphere and I'm glad I did. Also, the MTR station was really close to the hotel so we went around pretty easily, even the Ferry Station for Macau is 3 blocks away.
I'm also glad we picked 99 Bonham, at first we were not sure if we wanted to stay at serviced apartments - this is probably the 1st time we've stayed at one - but since they seem pretty common in HK we gave it a shot. It was like staying in a hotel, daily housekeeping (except for one day that was a national holiday), a reception, etc. We were impressed by the quality of everything in the rooms, from the Frette bed linen, the kitchen, lamps and even the audio/video systems. 
 The hotel is located in Bonham Strand, a busy street in Sheung Wan, surrounded by small shops selling ginseng, mushrooms and many other weird things, there are a couple of stores like 7 eleven open 24 hours where one can buy stuff for breakfast, drinks, etc. It is a 36-floor modern building and there are 3 apartments in each floor. All apartments have the accessories I mentioned above and are equipped with a kitchen, tea/coffee maker, toaster, some closet space, nice seating area, etc.
  All apartments face the city side of the island, our room in the 36th floor had this view:
 The nice staff down at the recetion also told us that we were free to bring food and drinks to the rooftop where there are chairs and tables and where we could enjoy this view:
In all, it was a great choice!

99 Bonham
99 Bonham Strand, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3940 1111
Fax: +852 3940 1100

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