N'Ombra de Vin, Milan

One of my favorite places in Milan to enjoy a glass of wine surrounded by the best bottles.

A quick post (and a break from all the Hong Kong posts) to write about this nice wine shop/restaurant in the Brera district.
Some years ago, when I moved to Milan, we were invited to an expat's dinner at N'ombra de Vin, we were impressed by the beauty of the downstairs arched vault where a super-long table is surrounded by other smaller ones and by bottles and bottles of wines from all over the world.
While the dinner wasn't memorable (it wasn't bad, but nothing delicious), the atmosphere, the place and the wines were amazing.
 We came back recently on a Friday night to find live music playing and people dancing over the long table (I was one of them ;)) and we loved how the place can turn from a relatively quiet dining atmosphere to party mode!
 Then, it's also a nice place to just have a couple of glasses of good wine before dinner - they serve a small tray with olives and cheese at the aperitivo hours (from 7 to 9 pm, I think).
Food and wine prices aren't cheap, but the place and atmosphere are worth it, once in a while.
If you come by in the evening, you'll recognize the place by the crowd outside, having a glass of good wine in the street.

N'ombra de Vin
Via San Marco, 2
20121 Milan
Tel. 02 659 9650(reservations accepted for dinner only)

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