Book: Life from scratch

It's been a long time since the last book post so here's this one.
I have been a bit lazy these past months, and my Galaxy tab is the one to blame! With all the cool apps and games, my spare time has been filled by them and my reading list has kept growing and growing.
But thank God for the Amazon Kindle app! I have been buying some ebooks there since I first got my tablet so Amazon has been suggesting me several other titles based on my past purchases. That's how I got my hands (virtually) on "Life from scratch, a novel" by Melissa Ford.

This book is about a woman living in New York who decides to learn how to cook as a post-divorce therapy and writes a blog, comparing the learning to cook process to the post-divorce healing process. I'm in no way going through the same situation as her (thankfully) but I identified myself with the character regarding the blog.
I have never explained why I started writing this blog, of course, as you can read in the blog description, it all comes from my passion for travels, food and wine, but it all came to me last year, after a couple of years in my current job I realized that it had been ages since I had really helped someone. Before this job, I worked in the tourism field in a language school for foreigners in which I was constantly helping people getting somewhere or giving them lots of information about travels in Italy or Europe. I loved my job, it felt great to be able to really help people, so I decided to start this blog, in case someone is looking for information on some place, restaurant, hotel, book, wine or even a quick recipe, I feel like I'm helping, and it gives me another reason to feel good with myself.
So I liked this book because it made me think of it, it was entertaining, based in NYC (which is already a positive aspect since I love NYC) and it was also reasonably priced. I think it's a good summer read.

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