If you have been to Copenhagen (or to any place in Denmark) then you must know what Smørrebrød is. If not, you should really reconsider your traveler skills... For those of you who don't know, smørrebrød is an open sandwich made with rye bread (rugbrød) and butter (smør), typical from Denmark.

Rye bread is typical in Scandinavia, it is dark and heavy and you can usually find it already sliced. Butter is spread in the bread and then a topping is added.

Toppings can be of various ingredients, the most common and traditional are: pickled herring, shrimp and egg, cured salmon, liver paté, roast beef and remoulade, chicken salad and many more.

Some of the best places to have smørrebrød in Copenhagen are:
Sankt Annae - near Amalienborg palace, served in beautiful Royal Copenhagen porcelain plates
Ida Davidsen - 250 varieties of smørrebrød
Told og Snaps - right in Nyhavn canal
Sankt Nicolai - traditional  smørrebrød and other Danish classics
Kronborg -  smørrebrød paired with Danish gourmet beers
Last time we were in Copenhagen we visited Hallernes, a smørrebrød place inside Torvehallerne, the semi-covered gourmet market. It was a pleasant surprise since the smørrebrød was delicious but the real discovery was the beer they serve, it's called Mikkeler an innovative, yet delicious micro brewed beer with firm hints of elderflower and other aromas, best pairing with smørrebrød so far. Mikkeler also has a bar in Vesterbro neighborhood that is in the list of our next destination in Copenhagen.


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