Summer drink

So, I already wrote about Club Med's rooms, beach, food and every other detail, but I was forgetting another important aspect: the drinks!
I love Mexican all-inclusive resorts because the national drinks are included and, what is Mexico's national drink? Tequila!
As I told you about Club Med's food, the quality fo the drinks was also nice, no fake liquors or watered drinks, everything was just perfect. I'm sharing one of my favorite from Club Med Ixtapa's beach bar, the Electric Lemonade:

You'll need:
- Lemonade
- Vodka
- Curaçao
- Crushed ice

You'll have to mix 1 part of vodka with 1 part of curaçao, 2/3 parts of lemonade and the ice. You can mix it al in the blender (adding more ice in this case) to make it like a frozen drink, or in a bar mixer.

Oh, and a really important tip: Do not leave drinks unattended, boyfriends can drink them!

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