Milano Bakery

***2015 UPDATE: Milano Bakery is now called Milano Meneghi, while their menu has changed, the decor remains almost the same and they still offer a nice brunch***

It was another one of those places that I had been longing to visit and finally on a cold, sunny Sunday we had a nice brunch at Milano Bakery.

Milano Bakery Cosmopolitan Brio is a bakery/bar/restaurant located on the ground floor of the new skyscraper that hosts the Region's council, Palazzo Lombardia. Since we were there on a Sunday the area was completely empty but I can imagine it gets busy on weekdays, they also opened some shops and a cool gym in the building recently but none of these are open on Sundays.

Anyhow, the bakery has a very modern, minimalistic design, I loved the grass wall. They do both Saturday and Sunday brunch, which is very convenient. The price varies from 15 to 20 euros depending on what main course you choose from a menu of burgers, club sandwiches and salads.
The price includes water and the buffet, they have salads and finger food and also some nice sweets.

We ordered the salmon burger with sepia bread (pictured above) and the club sandwich (below), both good, hearty portions. Definitely coming back, good price, nice atmosphere and desserts.

Milano Bakery Cosmopolitan Brio
Piazza Città di Lombardia - Via Melchiorre Gioia, 35
20124 Milan
Tel: 02 66989321

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