Campbell Apartment, NYC

A drink in an old-charm style, right in Grand Central Terminal.

Be honest, you recognized the photo above because you have probably seen Gossip Girl. Anyhow, if you are wondering what is this place, here's the story:
The 1920's mogul John Campbell, in need of an office to be closer to the railroad, rented the space from the Vanderbilt family, the ones who built Grand Central Terminal, he hired an architect to decorate the room and to make it look like a Florentine palace, with a balcony and a fireplace. During the night it became an entertainment space for Campbell's friends, with music and drinks.
After Campbell's death, it became pretty much abandoned (it was even a storage room and a prison) until it's renovations in 1999 and 2006, now a property of the Hospitality Holdings, it's an excellent place to have a drink in a charming atmosphere. 
It still keeps that touch of elegance and discretion of those times, its drinks are great, made by expert bartenders and the atmosphere is fantastic, perhaps ruined only by the flashes of tourists... Please, if you are visiting, follow the dress code, this is a classy place so no tennis shoes, caps or ripped jeans.
Cocktails range from $13 to $20, signature drinks include the Prohibition Punch (served in a big glass) and the Shanghai Margarita (delicious!).
The entrance is on Vanderbilt Avenue, near the corner of E.42nd Street. There's another entrance from the Cipriani terrace in the Main Hall of Grand Central.

The Campbell Apartment
Grand Central terminal
New York, NY
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Thursday: 12 p.m. to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday: 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. Sunday: 12 p.m. to Midnight
The Campbell Parlor: Monday to Saturday: 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Phone Number: 212-953-0409
Proper Attire Required. Absolutely no Athletic Shoes,T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Baseball Caps, Shorts or Torn Jeans

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