Zazà Ramen, Milan

The Expo 2015, which will take place in Milan, is approaching, and with it, lots of foreign cuisines are trending right now in town, like ramen:

I remember the last time I had ramen, it was in Düsseldorf, Germany, on a rainy day a year and a half ago, in a crowded little place near Immermannstrasse called Na Ni Wa. So after hearing there are two new ramen places in Milan, I had to try them! Unfortunately one of them, Casa Ramen, in the hip Isola quarter, has a no reservations policy (being so tiny) so after queueing for almost 2 hours we decided it was too late and went elsewhere.
Fortunately, Zazà Ramen is bigger and better organized, taking also online bookings. It is located in what is becoming Brera's Food Street, Via Solferino (lots of cool places here like the delicious pizzas of Dry by Pisacco or the beers from Baladin brewery and restaurant). The place is big (two levels), minimalistic (white walls, light wood furniture) and crowded. You can choose to eat at the bar for a quicker service, or get a table. The menu consists of 6 different kinds of ramen: chicken, beef, veggies or fish containing fresh daily-made noodles (waiters can advise you on the different kinds of noodles and broths and the best pairings with the ramen you choose. They have other small plates to nibble while you wait - and if you're hungry, you'd better order one of these because they are sloooww! Of course, they're slow because they make your ramen to order, so at least you know they took their time preparing it, plus the place is nice so a bit of a wait with something to drink and nibble is not that bad. Plus you get to do some people-watching among the clients! Among the drinks, they have japanese teas and beers, like Kirin Ichiban, Sapporo, artisanal Coedo and draught Asahi.

I had the pork and cabbage ramen and a glass of Asahi. It was cooked perfectly, a good portion and really tasty. Comparing it to the one from Düsseldorf, this one however seemed a tiny bit less authentic, although more original and lighter. The price is fair for what you get, and if you don't mind the wait for your hot and tasty ramen, you should try it! (but first book your table!)

Zazà Ramen
Via Solferino, 48 - 20121 Milan
Tel. +39 02 3679 9000
info@zazaramen.itOnline reservations here
Website:  http://zazaramen.it/
Open daily 12-15 & 19-24
Closed Tuesdays

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