Milan Fuorisalone 2012

I love this time of the year in Milan (although the weather has been shitty lately), when the FuoriSalone comes and we all wander in the streets of the city looking for a special piece of design or, if we want to be totally honest, a free drink :)
The atmosphere in Milan these days (from April 17 to April 22) is great: people everywhere, design, parties, international mood, etc. The FuoriSalone is an event that takes place every year together with the Salone del Mobile (Milan's furniture fair - Design fair), as its name says FuoriSalone means 'out of the fair', so all over the city, the exhibition halls, art galleries and shops put out their best pieces (or borrow from others) so that people can have a look at the newest trends in interior and exterior design. The main areas/quarters of the Fuorisalone are: Tortona, Brera, Downtown, Porta Romana, Isola and Lambrate.
On the past editions I've been to gardens, shops, rooftops, old factories and lots of strange places and found really special pieces (which I could only look at, prices are so high), but still, it's nice to walk around the city inmersed in the cool atmosphere. This year I'll try to fight the horrible rain and cold and try to take some pictures, wish me luck! In the meantime, here are some photos from past editions, don't forget to check the official website of the Fuorisalone (www.fuorisalone.it) to find out about all the cool events!
Fuorisalone.it website

Kaneka light installment - 2011

Absolut mural - 2010

Kartell's garden furniture - 2010

Oh, I almost forgot! COS is finally opening a store in Milan, so what better occasion to open than the Fuorisalone?

from COS' Facebook page

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