Milan's Design Week report

So, finally the sun came back to Milan last weekend, and the timing couldn't have been better, the weekend of the Fuorisalone (that's Milan Design Week in case you missed my last post)!
Anyhow, after a looong walk from downtown we got to Tortona area at lunch time, what better way to start our tour than a good tuna salad bagel from California Bakery's new location in Via Tortona 28. A street cart was giving away RedBulls so we had one which "gave us wings" to start :)
New Nespresso machines
First stop, Nespresso space, there was a light instalment on walls made of Nespresso capsules which was nothing special, then coffee tasting (more caffeine for our bodies! we might have gone a bit Cornholio!) and presentation of the new coffee machines which looked fantastic (retro design).

Second stop - Tortona 12, where they were selling some accessories and home decor. There was also a compact kitchen display, it was a kitchen hidden in the cabinets, you opened a drawer and there was the sink, you pushed another drawer and the stove was there, perfect for Milan's reduced spaces but I wonder if the kitchen wouldn't cost more than the actual apartment!

Third stop - Home Spa Design. I loved this space, they had everything I would want in my bathroom: whirlpools, saunas, steam baths, eco fireplaces, etc.

After the spa place we headed to Superstudio Più, a huge location with many cool spots. In the garden there was a beautiful display of Turkish marble presented by Istanbul Mineral Exporters' Association, then there was a Canon light instalment (where I got a glimpse of the new DSLR cameras in my wishlist), then we saw a product which added to water in a special tub creates a massaging foam (imagine to have one of those!), we got some nice coffee table booklets from the Danish Design Centre and visited the coolest display, Samsung.

Turkish marbles
At the entrance we got a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet (we had to leave an ID) and went in what seemed an empty room. But as soon as we turned on our tablets, we saw a house with all the furniture and the people living there, room by room, wherever we pointed our tablets at, we would see the family interacting with the objects in the house; everything was extremely detailed, it seemed real. I just wish we didn't have to give back the tablets at the end...

After the Superstudio we visited Moooi and Mercedes Benz, then we decided it was time for an aperitif and then dinner, but not before visiting the Lufthansa stand (presenting the new Milan Linate - Berlin Brandenburg flight) and crossing the bridge over Porta Genova station, it becomes a funnel so it takes around 15 minutes to cross, I'll have to remember that next year and use alternate streets.
Lufthansa stand
That's all from Milan's Design Week 2012!

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