Yes, as soon as Instagram became available for Android I downloaded it. That was the only app I've always envied from Apple. As you know, it is a photo sharing app where you can upload your photos, change some features and apply filters in order to make them look like Polaroid or Instamatic pictures, then share it with other Instagram users who can "like" it and add comments. As you probably also know, it was just acquired by Facebook, who knows if we'll see any changes in the future but right now this app is really successful, if not, ask the more than 1 million users (like me) who downloaded it within 12 hours of its launch on the Android Market (or Google Play, as it's now called).

If you want to see Instagram photos in your computer you can't do it through Instagram's website, but there are other websites where you can log in and see both your profile and others. I used Webstagram and here are some of my photos:

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Instagram is available on both iTunes and Google Play for free.

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