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I'm spending a lot of time on Pinterest, if you have not yet discovered this handy website, check out this post. So, while browsing on Pinterest, I found this cool infographic created by Lab42 (found on Mashable). It explains graphically how technology and social media are changing our travel experiences.
Bigger version here
I divided it in parts and here are my comments:

Part 1 - Planning websites: I agree with the picks of tripadvisor and orbitz, the others seem a bit overrated to me; in my opinion, expedia charges too much for hotel bookings, I would add oyster.com, they're really reliable when it comes to hotel reviews.

Part 2 - Planes, trains, apps, reviews, social: I agree, I am in all 3 percentages who have dowloaded an app specific to the upcoming vacation, I have searched on both planes and hotels mobile apps for deals (most of the times unsuccesfully), I've read all kinds of reviews and I've done all the facebook liking and posting. 

Part 3 - While traveling: I do all of the "traveling domestically" activities, constantly, and I do that abroad as well, only when there's wi-fi (I hate roaming charges), I also post photos while on holidays and update my status, I even check in in some places. I'm not obsessive about this because, after all, I'm on holidays!

Part 4 - After traveling: I post reviews constantly (you know if you read this blog!) also on tripadvisor, I do it as a courtesy to those who helped me plan my trip, I guess someday my revies will be useful to someone. But I normally do the Facebook liking of specific pages regarding the vacation before leaving, this way I can check out special events that will take place when I'm there.

In conclusion, I liked this infographic a lot, I love technology and I love the way it has made easier for people to travel and communicate while abroad, so keep bringing on apps and websites for travelers!

All images are taken from Mashable, from an infograph created by Lab42.

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