California Bakery - Milan

Blueberry cheesecake
A few years ago, when I had just moved to Milan, wandering through its then unknown streets, I found America, I mean, the US in Milan. I entered California Bakery's (first) Viale Premuda branch, a small place with some baskets hanging from the roof, wooden floors and a familiar atmosphere: american.

Viale Premuda branch - taken from CB website
It quickly became one of my favorite places in Milan, their bagels are the perfect quick lunch, the cheesecakes are to die for and they have some very nice ideas too, like the picnics in the park and the california bee.

Picnics in the park: for 40 euro (it's not really cheap, right?), you can get a picnic basket for 2 people with everything you need: blanket, cushions, juice, coffee, 2 bagels, 2 fruit salads, and 2 slices of cake, muffins or brownies.
picnic basket - taken from CB website

California bee: Their version of the street cart, this cute cart brings CB's bagels, cakes and other products around the city, they stop by universities, fairs, exhibits, etc.
California bee - taken from CB website
They also offer showcooking lessons and nice music evenings in their Via Larga branch.
They've been growing a lot lately, after the exisiting Viale Premuda, Largo Augusto and Piazza Sant'Eustorgio, they opened the Via Larga branch and the brand new Via Tortona one during Design Week. And they are also planing to open new stores in other cities like Bergamo, Como, Varese, etc.
There's one thing I've never liked about CB, their brunch. I know brunch was invented in the US and it consists of a plate of eggs, pancakes, coffee, fruit and juice (and a mimosa or bloody mary) but after having eaten brunch around Milan, with all the rich buffets and the all you can eat formula, this CB brunch didn't seem as great as the others.

Yes, the prices are high, but where else in Milan can you get bagels, NY cheesecake and a mug of american coffee?

You can find California Bakery in many locations all over Milan, visit their website to find out about openings and events: http://www.californiabakery.it/

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