Not First, not Economy: Premium Economy

**UPDATE: Think twice before you book through Air France's call center, especially the Italian one, they still have trouble understanding what is Premium Voyageur...

Since first class plane tickets are super expensive, I always fly economy. I have a discrete experience in choosing the best airline (according to my needs and preferences) for the trip I'm taking: best entertainment on board, best food, comfortable seats, etc.
On my last long-haul flight, I experienced AirFrance's Premium Voyageur class, a service available on long-haul flights which offers additional leg room (+20%), more comfortable seats, individual screens and the possibility to board the plane right after those lucky bastards of the first class. 
I had never paid much attention to all these things but now that I've tried Premium Voyageur I never want to go back to economy!
The extra fee for a single route -on Air France-, per person, is between 50 and 80 euro (to be added to your economy fare). This class is available on most Boeing 777s, 747s and will be gradually extended to other long-haul flights.

location of Premium Voyageur seats on a B 747 (upper deck) *

Seats *
Other companies are also getting this lass on their long-haul flights, like Delta's Economy Comfort, British Airways' World Traveller Plus, Virgin Atlantic's Premium Economy and many more.
On this website (http://www.seatguru.com/charts/premium_economy.php) you can find a comparison chart on the services each airline offers for this class).

* All images are taken from Airfrance's website.

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