Snapshots of Florence

I have been to Florence many times, but I had never seen it under the rain, as it happened last weekend.

I was there for a quick visit of the city and the rain was pouring really hard; and it was so difficult to manage holding my umbrella, trying not to get the camera wet, keeping an eye on my bag and trying not to get wet while hoping to get a good shot of its beautiful monuments.

While it sucks to shoot in the rain, I found it interesting , and a great way to learn more about my camera, what it can do and also the settings to get a good shot; of course all these images have been "retouched" a bit :), but still, good learning experience!

As I read, the best you can do when shooting rainy and cloudy days is try to get as less sky as possible in the picture, otherwise, try black and white or seppia filters so it's not so obvious that the sky is crappy...

On the plus side, during the rain, I found refuge inside the Duomo and got to see once again its magnificent interiors and the beautiful dome by Michelangelo:

Luckily, at some point it stopped raining.

I like the retro style that these photos have, and since it was such a huge challenge to shoot under the pouring rain, I'm quite satisfied with the outcome.

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