Snapshots of Salerno

Last week I went to a friend's wedding in Salerno, south of Naples. I had never been to Salerno, actually, Naples, Capri and the Aeolian Islands are the only places southern of Rome I had been to. So I jumped in my dear Italo train and in just 5 and a half hours I was in Salerno ready to attend the wedding. (I won't post any pictures of the wedding, but I'll just say it was very nice, the food was excellent and the atmosphere was great, true southern Italian style)

Since it was just a quick weekend away, I didn't think I could have time to explore the city and I left my camera home, what a shame since Sunday morning I walked around the old town and it was so beautiful.

The buildings in the old town are amazing, their decadence gives you a feeling of melancholy, but also of warmth and cozyness.

The Cathedral is the highlight, it is very special and different from all the other churches I've visited in Italy.

After getting lost in the old town's alleys, I was advised to have lunch by the harbor, at the Mare Nostrum restaurant and it turned out to be a perfect meal!

The place is a bit hidden in the shipyards but trust the friendliness of locals to find it, it is very cozy and with a great view of the harbor. Cuisine is typical seafood, follow the chef's advise on the day specials and you won't regret it, my calamari pasta was to die for and prices are average (actually, below average if you're coming from Northern Italy).

Service is courteous and friendly and the decor is nice, with special details like the hand painted plates and the cute ice bags for the wine.

Mare Nostrum
Via Porto, 31 - Salerno
(booking is advised)

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