Dear Oscar... (Eataly Smeraldo)

Since Eataly Smeraldo, the long-waited new Milanese branch of Eataly, just opened last week (in the place that once was the famous Smeraldo theater), I decided to write a letter to the owner, Oscar Farinetti,whom I saw on my visit to Eataly:

Dear Oscar,
thanks for finally opening a decent Eataly in Milan, I've never liked the tiny one in the basement of Coin. However, I was expecting something a bit bigger, after having been to the one in Rome, but I guess you used all the space you had available as best as you could.
I will be coming back to Eataly Smeraldo once in a while because:
- the carne cruda (meat tartar) is amazing, so soft and tender it doesn't feel like raw meat;
- I think it's a good idea to put together the Meat and Seafood restaurants;
- I could stare at the people making the mozzarella for hours;
- I like the green Superga sneakers you gave your employees;
-I love that you kept the stage of the theater and that there's live music playing while I dine;
- you seem so nice and smiley (of course I would be as smiley as you are with all the money you're making :) )

However, I won't be coming as often as I thought because:
- you didn't invite me to the press opening;
- the market spaces are reduced, I was hoping for something bigger;
- the wine selection is not as wide as the ones in Rome and Turin, and you prefered to keep the mediocre wines of J.Bastianich instead of other, better and less expensive, wines;
- Fruit and vegetables are too expensive;
- There's no tuna in the menu (I love Eataly's tuna);
- but mostly because you have all the varieties of pasta Cavalieri but not my favorite Spaghettoni!!! Unforgivable! -UPDATE 25/3/2014: WENT BACK TODAY AND FOUND MY SPAGHETTONI!!! OSCAR, YOU'RE SO FORGIVEN! 
Anyhow, good luck with the coming openings.

If you're in Milan and you haven't done so, you can visit Eataly Smeraldo:

Open daily from 10.00 to 24.00 (restaurants normally open at lunch and dinner time only, check their website for special closing days)
Piazza XXV Aprile, 10 - 20121 Milan
Tel. +39 02 49497301 

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