Crystal Jade, Shanghai

Crystal Jade is a Singapore-owned Cantonese restaurant chain with delicious (but boiling hot) dishes. A good option for dining in the fashionable Xintiandi area.

The Shanghai Xintiandi branch is located inside the shopping center South Block (second floor) and it has a nice decor and atmosphere, many locals and foreigners dining here so book your table, especially on weekends. I sent an e-mail to the main address of the chain asking for table reservations for Xintiandi and they forwarded it and confirmed my reservation, but if you are already in Shanghai, a phone call (maybe with help from your concierge) will do.
Service is fast and the menu is extensive so trying not to over-order is a tough task. They bring out the food as it comes out of the kitchen, doesn't matter if it's a starter, pork or noodles and then they place it in the lazy susan - or rotating tray - (if you're a group) or in the center of the table (if you're 4 or less) - I love this concept of sharing the food, but I guess it might not be great for picky eaters, however the classics like dumplings, noodles and vegetables shouldn't be a problem to share or to order for oneself.
Normally in China (and HK) tea is served as soon as you seat (12RMB for 2), but we ordered also some beer since everything was boiling and we needed something cold.
For dinner we had:
Braised bbq pork in honey sauce (RMB60), delicious,  not too sweet and the meat was tender.

Shark fin with seafood and bamboo (RMB138), not my favorite, it was just to try it but I didn't like the consistency of it, and the pink vinegar that comes with it didn't help much.

Fried vermicelli with duck (RMB62), really liked these, a bit spicy. The duck bits were a nice variation since i normally get vermicelli with pork or vegetables.

Fried dumplings (RMB38), good, thick dough.

 Steamed dumplings with garlic (RMB28), super good, sauce was not too strong.

In all, this is a nice place to approach Cantonese food, food is delicious and they have everything, from the classics to selections for the adventurous eater. Prices are average for Xintiandi area, a tiny bit higher for standards.

A walk before or after dinner among the nice and lively Xintiandi neighborhood and shops is mandatory.

Crystal Jade Restaurant - Xintiandi branch
Open11am-10.30pm Mon-Sat; 10.30am-10.30pm Sun
Tel.: 6385 8752
English address: Second Floor, Bldg 6-7, Xintiandi South Block, 123 Xingye Lu, near Madang Lu, Luwan district
Chinese address (to show your taxi driver):  卢湾区兴业路123弄新天地南里6-7号2楼,近马当路
Web: http://www.crystaljade.com/find-a-store/?locale=en_US

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