Subconscious Spa, Shanghai

The best way to end a long day walking around Shanghai!

We have all been dying for a massage after a day of sightseeing, right? Well, after 3 days walking Shanghai's long distances I desperately needed a good one so after a quick search on the internet to find out the closest and nicest massage places in the French Concession, we decided to go for one at Subconscious Spa.
The flagship is located on Fumin Road 183 (be careful not to miss it, entrance has dim lights but you'll recognize it by the nice wooden stairway inside. From the moment you get in you'll experience calm (which in a chaotic city like Shanghai is difficult to achieve) and a relaxing atmosphere. If you don't know which massage is best for you, the English-speaking staff at the reception can give you information and help you decide. We were lucky they had a couple of masseusses available without reservations so we went in right away to try our Signature Oil Massages (250 RMB each) for 60 minutes - here's a list of their massages.
After being offered tea while we waited, we were brought to a cabin with 3/4 massage beds, but it was only us inside with the masseuses. The massages were great, the masseusses were excellent and they kept asking whether we wanted more pressure or a softer massage. You could feel the scented oil smell in the room and that helped relax us more (at some point I even fell asleep). When the massage was finished we took a shower to rinse off the oil -pretty showers btw - got dressed and then back to the reception to have another cup of tea before leaving.

After the massage we felt relaxed and ready to hit the town again, definitely worth the money.
They also offer facial treatments, yoga classes, and have some oils and yoga gear for sale in the shop.

Subconscious Spa - Shanghai

Puxi - Flagship:
183 Fumin Road - Jingan
Tel: 6415-0636

Puxi - near Nanjing Road:
458 Da Gu Road 
Tel: 6327-1193

Pudong - Jing Qiao:
B17-20 Green Sports & Leisure Center - 633 Bi Yun Road, Jinqiao, Pudong
Tel: 5030-7382

Store hours: 10 a.m.-midnight daily

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