Borbíróság, Budapest

Surprisingly good meal right by Budapest's Grand Market Hall.
Borbíróság is a cute restaurant in a quiet square just next to the bustling Market Hall - that's where their ingredients mainly come from.
Last time we were in Budapest we visited a couple of wine bistros and were impressed by the tasy food and the fine wines we found, so after some research we found Borbirosag and I knew it had to be our first stop in this trip.

As I mentioned, the place is in a quiet square next to the market, it has a nice outdoor seating area (perfect natural light for the pictures!) but it also has a perfect indoors area with lots of seating space and a finer atmophere - make sure you check out the cool staircase with all the corks below.
After a small plate of olives and dried tomatoes (kindly on the house), we had two main courses, I had the duck burger with duck liver, cheddar and bacon that I was craving for since I read it on the menu online (3150 HUF) and G had the veal steak with roasted goose liver (4450 HUF). Both delicious, the duck burger was amazing, meat was tender and juicy and the perfect portion - side fries were perfect, not greasy and a bit crunchy.
We paired our main courses with glasses of Hungarian wines, G had an Ikon tulipan from the Balaton region (2500 HUF/glass), laso suggested by the kind waiter, and I had the Jekl Syrah from Villány (1900 HUF/glass).
Of course no meal in a Hungarian wine bistro is complete without a glass of their famous Tokaji so we had to "sacrifice" and order a cheese plate and two different Tokajis: the Degenfeld 5-puttonyos (3300 HUF) and the Sauska 6-puttonyos (5000 HUF) - "puttonyos" measure the sweetness of Tokajis, so the higher the better. Perfect to finish this lovely meal!
 The check came around 23000 HUF (about 75 euro), not the cheapest but certainly fair for a yummy and quality meal with nice wines.

Csarnok tér 5. 1093 Budapest
Tel. +36 1 219 0902 
(phone or e-mail reservations are advised)
Open: Monday-Saturday 12.00-23.30

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