Garlochí, Seville

This tiny bar filled with virgins, velvet and inciense is definitely a must-see in Seville.

From the outside Garlochí seems an average bar in Seville: tiled name sign, bright colors. But as soon as you go in you realize this is no ordinary bar.
 When my friend brought us years ago to this place promising the "Semana Santa" (Holy week) atmosphere we were not disappointed: the place is filled with virgin statues, portraits, velvet curtains, chandeliers, inciense smoke and flowers.
 This time I decided to bring G to one of the places I remember the most from my Andalusian trip, and it didn't disappoint in terms of decoration, unfortunately the inciense smell was replaced by cigarrette smoke (yuck! - from a former smoker) and loud drunk tourists... perhaps we went there on the wrong night - it was also late, 2 am probably.
 However, we sat by the bar and ordered Sangre de Cristo, (Christ's Blood), one of the house's signature drinks, a so-sweet-I-wanna-puke drink made of granatine and some liquor, drinkable but not delicious - and probably you'll get tongue numbness after drinking the whole sweet thing, next time we'll get a beer or wine... 'cause there'll be a next time. This is one of those places you have to keep coming back to, just to remember it really exists!

Calle Boteros 26
41004 Seville
Open everyday from 22.00 to 04.00

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